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Speech, Language, and Hearing Services

Assessment, Diagnostic, and Remedial Services are provided for children with:
Articulation Disorders Voice Disorders Dysfluency (Stuttering) Delayed Language - Language Difficulties Hearing Impairment Speech, Language, and Hearing Problems associated with delayed mental abilities, autism, learning problems, behavioral problems, sensory impairments and other conditions in need of assistance.

Direct Services Include:

  • Assessing and diagnosing individual children's communicative abilities and disabilities.

  • Hearing screening and follow-up procedures and referral for further audiological evaluation.

  • Implementing of Speech, Language, and/or Hearing therapy programs for individuals or small groups.

  • Meeting with parents and teachers to discuss evaluation results and remediation programs.

  • Evaluating and reassessing each child's progress in achieving therapeutic goals and behavioral objectives.

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