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About Us

What is the Cornbelt Educational Cooperative?

The Cornbelt Educational Cooperative consists of a group of school districts joined together to form an educational service unit authorized under South Dakota law. Organized in 1979 to provide speech, language and hearing services, the Cooperative has since expanded to offer a variety of regular and special education services for children.

Mission Statement​

The Cornbelt Educational Cooperative believes that equal opportunities and access to programs for all students is part of the purpose of education and should be enjoyed by all students. The Cooperative functions to enhance those educational services and opportunities for all students and to encourage maximum utilization of cooperative efforts among school districts.

​​Governance & Administration

The Cornbelt Educational Cooperative is governed by a Center Board of Directors with a representative chosen from each of the school boards of the member school districts and Advisory Board made up of the Superintendent/CEO's

of the participating school districts. The Center Board meets quarterly and the Advisory Board meets monthly. The Cooperative Director serves as the executive officer of the Cooperative.

How is the Cooperative funded?

Funding comes from three sources: federal, state, and local school district funding sources include monies designated specifically for regular and special education services. The Cooperative acts as the fiscal agent for a number of the federal programs.

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