Early Childhood Services

Home and/or school based programs are provided for preschool children who are in need of assistance due to:

  • Speech and language delays

  • Gross and fine motor delays

  • Cognitive delays

  • Socialization and adaptive behavioral difficulties


Direct Services Include:

  • Annual screening of preschool children in the Cooperative area to assess hearing, social, speech and language, vision, cognitive, gross and fine motor development.

  • Assessing and determining individual children's abilities and disabilities.

  • Developing and implementing educational plans for children in need of assistance.

  • Using teaching strategies to assist children in the Early Childhood classroom and/or at home.


Child Find Services:
Developing a systematic process for screening, observing, referring, and evaluating children in need of special assistance due to:

  • Delayed development in the areas of: motor, speech, language, cognitive concepts, socialization, and self care

  • Hearing

  • Vision

  • Health/physical development

Cornbelt Educational Cooperative | District # 60201 
1000 North West Ave Suite 240| Sioux Falls, SD 57104
p: (605) 271-0218 | f: (605) 271-0220

Providing services to the following school districts:

Bridgewater-Emery | Canistota | Ethan | Freeman | Hanson | Marion | McCook Central | Montrose | Parker