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Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy

The Cornbelt Educational Cooperative provides physical and occupational therapy services through a joint contract with Goodcare. Direct physical and occupational therapy services are provided at individual school districts by licensed therapists.


Physical Therapy
Physical therapy is designed to assist a child who is experiencing delays in the development of gross motor skills. Physical therapy affects how students coordinate their body positions and move from one location to another within the classroom and other school environments. Gross motor skills involve the child's large muscle groups. These muscle groups when working in a coordinated way, allow the child to successfully engage in age appropriate physical challenges such as walking up and down steps, running, negotiating chairs/obstacles in the classroom/play environment, playground/recreational activities (climbing a jungle gym, swinging, participating in school sports), and succeeding in school based physical fitness program.


Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy is designed to assist a child who is experiencing delays in the development of fine motor skills. Occupational therapy affects fine motor skills that involve precise controlled movements of the hand to perform an activity. Adequate fine motor skill development is dependent upon many functions. Some of these functions include: sufficient control of the large and small muscles of the body, accurate perception of sensory information, adequate eye-hand control, coordinated use of both sides of the body, and development of hand dominance. In school, these skills are necessary for tool use (e.g. scissors, pencils), tying shoes, and managing the fasteners on back packs or lunch boxes. Treatment interventions would involve the introduction of activities or exercises which strengthen appropriate muscle groups, provide repetitive practice opportunities and the introduction of adaptive aides if necessary.

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