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Medicaid Billing Services

The Department of Social Services provides free health insurance coverage for eligible children under age 19. South Dakota's Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP), pays for: physician services; hospital services, vision care; dental care; prescription drugs, medical; dental and vision screening; chiropractic; mental health; and other medical services.


What services are covered?

In addition to the medical payments made by South Dakota's Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP), the program also reimburses school districts for providing the following services: psychological services, physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), speech and language services, audiological services, and nursing services.


What will it cost?

Special Education services are provided to the parent at no cost. However, with your voluntary approval, the school district is allowed to file for Medicaid reimbursement at no cost to you, and you will not lose any medical benefits. The funds received from Medicaid will be used by the school district to enhance Special Education services.

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